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Not many people think about Inheritance Tax (IHT) or are even aware it exists. After all, it’s not something that normally affects us whilst we’re alive. Those that are aware of it probably think it is only the wealthy or elderly that needs to worry about it. No one wants to pay tax unnecessarily to the Chancellor but it's surprising how many people end up doing it.

The current starting point, called the nil rate band, is £325,000 (2016 - 2017 tax year) and this is frozen at this level until 5th April 2018.  This means that upon death everything you own over and above this amount is subject to 40% taxation, regardless of whether you’re in the lower or higher tax bracket. That’s potentially £400 out of every £1,000 that you leave behind for your loved ones, over and above the nil rate band, that could go straight to the taxman. There is an exception to this where assets are left to a spouse or civil partnership partner. When this happens all assets are exempt from IHT at present.

We all work hard to build up capital and we want to make sure that our loved ones get as much possible – not the taxman.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate on Estate Planning and Inheritance Tax Planning.

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